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2 West Ave

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2 West Ave

Saratoga Springs, New York

2 West Avenue Mixed Use Development

The owners of a 2.8-acre site located at the northwest entrance to City of Saratoga Springs were looking for a mixed-use building that would provide a more contemporary aesthetic, while respecting the existing neighborhood context. Their program consisted of a mix of 60 residential apartments and 5,000 square feet of ground floor commercial/retail space.

The neighborhood to which this was to be built consisted of single story residences to the east, a growing commercial district to the south and a three-story brick medical office building to the west. Our solution was to create a series of three and four story buildings, held close to the street edge with parking located to the interior of the lot. The retail tenant would be located to the south, providing a connection with the existing commercial district beyond.

The L-shaped parti for this project was established in response to the busy intersection that forms one of the primary gateway entrance points to the City. A simple rotation at the junction of this form, created a front that directly addresses this intersection

By taking advantage of the subtle topography of the site, the ground floor has been slightly depressed, created much-needed separation from street traffic. Recessing these ground floor exterior walls from the plane of walls above has reinforced this separation and creates private covered terrace spaces for the individual apartments, along with elevating the first floor level above traffic and pedestrian activity.

Buildings B and C, located along Church Street, are three story structures with their lowest levels held partially below grade similar to building A. This relationship provided for a row-house type design approach with multi-level apartments respecting the scale of the neighboring single family residences, each having private entrances facing the.

A composition of fiber cement siding, fiber cement panels and storefront glazing were intended to create a building that responds to both the adjacent commercial and residential neighborhoods with a layering of color and textures used to control the overall massing. Where the buildings touch the ground, a base course of concrete and brick has been incorporated, establishing a base to the floating walls above. These two materials are carried through and become the primary cladding of the smaller row-house structures to the east, further supporting the character of the adjacent residential neighborhood.

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